Navigating Life

While this site is being redesigned, I will continue, from a position of unrivaled experience, to present extraordinary seminars and personally structured individual sessions, which successfully teach truly transformative concepts and principles of true substance, and provide a unique perspective, rare insights and essential resources that aren’t offered anywhere else — vitally important and necessary things, that really matter, about the conduct of life and the consequences of living, including a unified presentation of, and methodical — entirely pragmatic — approach to, understanding and effectively utilizing the primary issues, fundamental questions, major challenges, classic paradoxes, universal mandates and basic facts of life, as well as the most valuable lessons of life, practical pathways to enlightenment, power, liberation and peace-of-mind; techniques of analytical thinking; strategies for critical planning; methods of self-expression, keys to the contemplative realm and expert guidance to the deliberate, purposeful living of an honorable, meaningful, beneficent, interesting, productive, worthwhile and satisfying life.

Please direct all inquiries to Seminars@NavigatingLife.net

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